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Internet Marketing includes SEO and additional online marketing tools you can use to gain the attention of potential customers and the search engines. Each of the marketing techniques listed below work to drive motivated traffic to your website and allow you to compete more effectively.

There are various forms of online and internet marketing techniques and services that you can use to boost website visibility, drive targeted traffic or visitors to your website and increase awareness and brand of your company or service.

Internet Marketing Services

1. Search Engine Marketing - Understanding the use of the online marketing resources provided by the major search engines usually appears to be easy to the normal website owner or user, however Google, Yahoo, Msn, Aol and others have created robust marketing services that require high skilled and professional persons or companies to utilize them. INDEX is an expert who will ensure the your marketing in the search engines gain the best conversion and constant attention it needs.

2. Search Engine Optimization - Our key service and one that we believe we are best in is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Our INDEX SEO experts will work with you to create a sustainable natural or organic move to the top of rankings in your main related keywords. Our techniques are proven and our results are long term, we will improve on the services available and take your website into new and bigger markets to truly Become More Visible.

3. Internet Advertising - A forgotten source of real revenues and reach,internet advertising plays a pivotal role in attracting highly targeted buyers. Through Banner Ads, Listings – Paid and Free, Advertorials and online magazines and newspaper advertising your company will gain a fresh breath of International clientele sometimes not even familiar with your country. Our INDEX Internet Advertising Consultants will work with you to develop a budget and a list of suitable advertisement opportunities for you to starting making and impact.

4. Internet Public Relations - With the internet dominating news and the need to reach a market once reach by the more expensive and less global newspaper PR, comes Internet PR from INDEX e-Business Solutions. This is an effective tool for larger websites. Sending our press releases over the internet not only tells readers about you but provides strong link popularity and traffic back to your website.

5. Pay Per Click Management - Part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay per Click (PPC) requires special attention. This form of advertising is the most widely used and is often used to neglect long term SEO. Many international sites utilize the tools from Google and Yahoo especially on their own spending thousands of dollars. Don’t be fooled, you may be loosing 80% of your money on dead traffic or missing a majority of your actual possible revenue. Let the experts manage your campaigns,we continually upgrade and train our INDEX SEM Analysts in the latest variations of pay per click campaigns.

6. Web Traffic Consultancy - Long forgotten or ignored this form of marketing technique is only used in the more developed countries with highly competitive online industries and websites. Increasing the amount of quality traffic to your website is of little value unless you can convert those visitors into sales or enquiries. The key advantage that internet marketing has over its more traditional offline counterparts is the ability to measure, often in real-time, whether your target market is carrying out the action you require. Understanding the activity of your website visitors is crucial, for without this behavioral insight you cannot determine the success of your website in achieving its objective.

7. Link Partners Building - Developing Link popularity does several things for your website, it increase traffic that are targeted and unique visitors to your site as well as increases your link popularity in the sight of the search engines especially Google. Having a high quality link building campaign is essential for Page Rank growth, more website traffic and strength of your site which ultimately increases your organic or natural ranking positions

INDEX Internet Marketing Solutions

We provide a variety of services to market through the internet. Our team of Professional Internet Marketers will consult with you before developing a package suitable for your business to ensure maximum ROI is achieved. Our skills are demonstrated in our own website success with the site already in the top 10 for Internet Marketing keywords with less than a month since its design and going live.


80% sites are discovered through search engines and about 60% first-time visitors are results of a search. It is high time you capitalised on the power of web marketing.

What’s the use of a well-designed website if it can’t generate the kind of traffic you are looking for?

We can get you pre-qualified visitors using highly cost-efficient, ethical practices. INDEX’s Interactive Marketing division, comprises a team of young, dynamic consultants who can create Internet marketing campaigns to guide you through search engine guidelines and marketing gimmicks on the web.


Even as we aim to complete each project in time, we have our feet firmly on the ground. Unethical techniques are a strict no-no at INDEX developments. We have instead mastered the art of using intelligent, widely-accepted tactics that are meant to popularise your business in the e-marketplace.

Choose how you want to rule the web:

Search Engine Optimisation

We optimise the Meta Tags (HTML coding) of your web pages in order to make them easily identifiable for search engine crawlers.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

We use paid search engine marketing to get your ads listed on top of the ‘sponsored links’ sections of search engine result pages.

Affiliate Marketing

We help you manage your marketing campaigns on affiliate networks. Market your products/services through a chain of affiliates scattered across the globe.

Strategic Link Popularity

We popularise your business by making other sites point links to your web pages. Our campaigns are strategised in accordance with your niche market.

Comparison Shopping

We promote your products to make them easily visible on top-notch comparison shopping sites. After all, a huge number of your potential buyers stem from there.

Banner Advertising

We create attractive banner ads that can be strategically placed on the right Internet properties. In essence, we get target traffic diverted to your web pages.

Email Marketing

Advertise your business through a well-strategised email campaign that targets your prospective buyers, luring them to visit your website and generate sales.

Social Media Optimisation

Network with fellow Netizens and use your contacts to pep up your branding and marketing on the Web.


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