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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Welcome to our FAQ’s page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  • After I decide I want you to build my website what happens next?

    You will need to complete the first payment as discussed in the Quotation Form. You will then receive a Work Order Contract that will map out INDEX e-Business Solutions and your deliverables, prices/payment schedule, timelines and project parameters. Once the Work Order Contract is agreed by both parties, your Web Consultant will contact you via chats (skype, facebook) or email to begin formalizing detailed project requirements and specifications.

    We will also setup your project progress analysis on our Projects Manager where you can login and check progress, communication, invoices and even send messages and attachments related to your project.

  • Do I own the code used to create my website?

    After we have received the final payment for your project, you will own all the end files used to create your site. We normally protect proprietary source files that may contain trade secrets such as Flash “.fla” files, Photoshop “.psd” files. Clients generally don’t need these files; if you do, we can negotiate special terms for you to license the rights to the source files.

  • Do you have a formal process that all projects go through?

    Yes, we do. 
    Our design and development process borrows principles from project management for software development and marketing production. Each project has phases, deliverables, tasks and timelines defined. Each phase works to refine a deliverable that will be presented to the customer for approval before commencement to the next phase. In addition, all projects will go through our Success Mechanisms and will be monitored in our Project Management portal (

  • How do you measure the success of your websites?

    We take great pride in the success we have had in meeting the goals of our customers and web users. With our 30 days Satisfaction Guarantee, we will deliver a service that is 100% custom-made to each customer. In addition, for each web design and development project, we have developed the following Success Mechanisms:

    • Goal Evaluation - During the early stages of a project, we will work with you to help you set measurable goals for your site. After the site has been launched for 30days, we will evaluate the success of your site in meeting those goals, and if necessary, make some site changes for FREE.
    • Satisfaction Review - At the end of each project, we will carry out a satisfaction review. You will be given an opportunity to tell us how we perform. In our view, a highly satisfied customer is always an indicator to our success.
  • How will I know the status of my project thoughout development?

    INDEX e-Business Solutions recognizes that customer-vendor communication is critical to a long-term successful relationship. As such we go above and beyond in our communications efforts with customers. All customers will have a dedicated Web Consultant who acts as a single point of contact for project needs.

    A Web Consultant’s primary duties are to assure the project stays within budget and schedule, facilitate communication, and achieve complete customer satisfaction. Your Web Consultant will facilitate constant communication based on two primary mechanisms:

    • Review Points - every project has multiple review points where your Web Consultant will discuss with you via chats (skype, gtalk or facebook) or email to review discussion points and define requirements.
    • Weekly Status Reports - Your Web Consultant will provide a status update to you via chats (skype, gtalk or facebook) or email at the end of each week.
  • What is the customer’s role in the development process?

    We strive to work together with our customers as a seamless team. As such our process is flexible enough to let you determine the level of involvement you want. Some customers want heavy, daily involvement in particular aspects of development, others prefer to let us handle everything. Your input to the project will be defined at the beginning of the project based on your needs and preferences.

    Please note that in order to meet the required finish date, we will need any materials you are providing for the site by a certain date. If a customer does miss a deliverable deadline, the website delivery date will be delayed. If a customer deliverable is missed, you will not be charged for developer down time. We will re-task personnel to other projects and we will put them back on your project as soon as they are available again after the customer deliverable is provided to us.

  • Who will be assigned to my project team and what are their skill sets?

    Successful web development is very complex and demands more skill sets than any one person can practically have. The task requires a blend of strategic, creative, technical, and marketing expertise. INDEX e-Business Solutions web and applications design and development team incorporates multiple specialists to assure your project will produce maximum results. Your Web Consultant will hand pick the team of specialists according to your needs. For a typical web site the following experts are used:

    • Web Consultant, who will also act as the Account / Project Manager.
    • Multiple Creative Designers (Graphics and Multimedia Designers) – To assure you a diverse selection of creative designs, we will assign different creative designers to develop each theme / look and feel design.
    • Web Programmer – For technical aspects and further development.
  • Will I be able to make changes to the site myself?

    Yes. All our standard websites and applications come packaged with the most popular or custom Content Management Systems(CMS).  A CMS is a WYSIWYG backend interface that allows you to edit your site’s content much like using Microsoft Word. If you have in-house experience with HTML you can also edit your site directly via FTP access on cPanel.

    We have also worked with several browsers based CMS. While most customers find our custom much easier to use than browser-based CMS systems, if you already have or prefer an alternative solution we can support it.

    Note: On e-commerce shopping cart pages and other types of application-driven web pages, standard content management systemsare not the best. In these situations the application (e.g. the shopping cart administrator interface) will provide an interface for editing content. If you have further questions about content management for your site, feel free to contact one of our Web Consultant.

  • Can additional domains be pointed to my main domain?

    Yes. We can forward (park) additional domains to point to your master domain. There is a $20.00 per year charge for each domain you add as an alias

  • Can I host domains in the sub-directory of my account?

    No, we could offer this option to our clients however there is no reason to we can create redirects or provide you with a second basic account for each domain you wish to host with us.

  • Can you host foreign domain names?

    We host domains from many countries around the world. The only limitation is that of the domain registrar (a few countries do not allow geographic domains to be hosted outside their country).  Please send an inquiry with your desired domain name.

  • Do you maintain backups of my data?

    We backup our server on a weekly basis. However, INDEX e-Business Solutions is not responsible to maintain backups of your website or it’s databases. You should maintain your own local offsite backups of all your data and update them regularly through cPanel File Manager and phpMyAdmin.

  • Does INDEX offer 24 hour technical support?

    Yes! INDEX e-Business Solutions offers 24 x 7 x 365 support via our online e-service system, and telephone support is available for emergencies. We are always here to help you no matter what time day or night you need us.

  • How long does it take to set-up a new account?

    New accounts will take from 1 to 18 hours from the time we receive your order. Once your account is set-up, you will be emailed your Account Login information (User ID, Password for your cPanel, webmail and FTP) to help you get started. You can immediately start uploading files to your new website.

  • What are types of databases does INDEX’s Web Hosting support?

    INDEX’s professional and e-commerce hosting plans come configured for mySQL with phpMyAdmin for simple database creation, import, set up and editing.

  • What are the advantages of Manged Server Hosting?

    Managed Hosting offers many enticing features compared to running your own web server:

    •  As you are the only client on the server, upgrade capacity is practically unlimited. Additional drives can be added, more memory and even cluster servers together when your web site requires additional resources.
    • Most Managed Hosting services include server backups for free. This service will ensure that your data is safeguarded from faulty hard drives and accidental loss by overwriting or deleting.
    • No technical expertise is required.
  • What are some good questions to ask a Managed Hosting Provider before I sign up?

    Some good questions to ask your prospective hosts are:

    • What brand computers do you use?
    • What kind of connection to the Internet do you have?
    • What hours is your management staff available for problems and issues?
    • How often do you backup the servers?
    • In the case of a loss, how quickly can you restore from a backup and get me back up and running?
    • What software typically is installed on my machine?
    • Are there any software packages that you won’t manage?

  • What about accepting credit cards, can I do it securely?

    If you would like to accept credit card orders on your site, INDEX e-Business Hosting offers the E-Commerce hosting package. The E-Commerce hosting provides each domain with a totally separate SSL secured area just waiting for your certificate to be installed.

  • Who is INDEX e-Business Solutions?

    INDEX e-Business Solutions was established in 2009, and is based in Harare, Zimbabwe with data centers located in Zimbabwe, Southrn Africa and America. Through a series of strategic business moves, INDEX has become the fastest growing IT Consultancy, web and Applications Development and hosting company in Zimbabwe today.

    INDEX’s business model emphasizes service to corporates and SMEs alike, allowing them to focus on their core competencies while we handle their Networks, Intranets, Extranets and Internet hustles. With innovations in customer service, ease of use, and special features for customers, INDEX continues to stay one step ahead of the competition.

    In addition to our network and web value-added services, we have decided to offer customised IT consultancy services to our customers. Our goal is to be your one-stop online shop for all your Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Web Design and Development, Networking and Advertising needs.

    As of our commitment to serve and host, we accept customers not only from Zimbabwe and Africa but also from across the globe. We accept all types of projects, whether it is for your personal or corporate use. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction. Just Contact Us or Request A Free Quote .

  • Do you build your websites to be search engine friendly?

    Yes. We have unique page coder training and standards to specifically design your web page to rank high in the Search Engines. If you’re serious about your business, this is a must. We train our programmers to avoid the common mistakes that destroy search engine rankings:

    • Spiderable Pages – The search engines first must be able to find your pages. Many linking styles popular with today’s designers cannot be followed by spiders or do not properly emphasize vital pages and keywords. We have taught our coders how to avoid or work around those problems so the search engines will index your entire site.
    • Accessible Content – Search engines rank sites based on page content. Often sites are designed using excessive graphics or Flash that prevent a site from ranking in the search engines. All our marketing sites are designed from the beginning to assure that adequate content is provided to search engine spiders.
    • Page Optimization – Targeted keywords must be strategically placed on a web page for it to rank well in a search engine. We have trained our programmers in keyword placement techniques.

    Note : While building a search engine friendly site is a critical requirement, other factors must be implemented to achieve top organic search engine rankings. Link popularity, age of site, level of competition and dozens of other factors also play an important role. For a competitive advantage, we strongly recommend you sign up with us.

    Our search engine submission services will make sure your business is one of the websites they can find. We will optimize and submit your website to hundreds of search engines and directories worldwide to help you unleash the full potential of your online business.